Dress Well: Wedding Weekend

Zara dress, Zara heels, J, Crew necklace (similar), J. Crew bracelet (old)

I was really excited about wearing this outfit to the wedding I attended this past weekend, so I took extra special care to bring our camera along on the trip to Dallas. Unfortunately, I did NOT take extra special care to bring our memory card to Dallas...something we didn't realize until we attempted to use the camera Saturday evening. Fail. As a result, iPhone documentation of this outfit will have to suffice - I hope you guys don't mind too much.

I didn't originally intend to buy a whole new outfit to wear to the wedding. I did go to Zara in search of these heels, but soon realized that I couldn't leave the store without this dress in tow. I was (and still am) a little surprised by how much I like it - the whole shift-dress trend is generally super unflattering on me. Luckily, this dress proved to be an exception to that rule, and I'm looking forward to getting to wear it to many more semi-formal occasions in the future.






Man, y'all, this weekend was a whirlwind! It started with a late dinner Friday night at Coqueta with friends, followed by us catching four hours of sleep before boarding a plane to Dallas. Our time in Dallas proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have become true San Franciscans - while in Texas we rented a Fiat, chose to walk the half a mile to the wedding reception (in 90-degree heat) and then Über-ed our way home.

As expected, the wedding was fun, beautiful, and happy - all things that I love to spend my weekends celebrating! On top of that, we really enjoyed bumming around Dallas for a day - we spent as much time soaking up the heat as possible, visited the J.F.K. museum, grabbed some ice cream, and walked around the beautiful Highland Park Village shopping center before heading home. I've discovered that leaving Texas never gets any easier - while San Francisco is an awfully great place to call home (even in the fog) there's nothing quite like your actual home, you know?

However, we're back now and I'm looking forward to jumping into yet another busy week! I hope all of you had wonderful weekends - enjoy your Monday.

Something Old, Something Blue

Anthropologie dress (old), Anthropologie scarf (old), Rocket Dog boots, J. Crew bracelet (old), Tory Burch bag, Tory Burch sunglasses

This post has nothing to do with weddings - that was just the most creative title I could come up with.

I often find myself thinking "I have nothing to wear!!" I stand in front of my closet on weekdays and agonize over how I've worn every single combination of every single item of clothing I own. (Don't worry, the mathematical side of my brain knows that that can't be the case. I'm somehow able to post different outfit photos three times a week every week - clearly I'm not hurting for clothes.)

That constant feeling of having NOTHING new to wear, though, makes mornings like yesterday morning all the more sweet. Yesterday I stood in front of my closet, selected a few items that I've had for a long time and yet had never worn together before, and absolutely loved my outfit. The whole experience of getting dressed was easy, low-key, and simple - exactly what I shoot for in my style and exactly what I think everyone's relationship with clothes should be. Dressing yourself shouldn't be a chore - it should be a joy. Yesterday reinforced that.

P.S. - Please excuse my crazy hair in these photos. The wind was out of control yesterday.






DSC_6591This face pretty much says it all on how I feel about crazy wind. Really, the photos I've selected here don't do the wind justice - you should see the 200 photos I deleted where half my hair decided to take up residence over my face.


Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Dress Well: Cream on White

Anthropologie shirt (old), Banana Republic tank (old), AG jeans, Sam Edelman sandals, J. Crew necklace (old), Tory Burch bag, Coach sunglasses

I've come to realize at least one thing in the process of writing posts this summer: my summer clothes are OLD.

These pictures were difficult to come by. Something about the light that morning looked harsh no matter what the setting. So I opted for the strategy that I find myself opting for so often in life: I found a spot in front of a gray wall that was simple and effective. No need to get fancy! Same goes for my outfit. I first paired this shirt and these jeans together on my honeymoon. Something about white on cream at the time seemed to say "Summer in Italy." However, the outfit has served me well here in the U.S. too. The best thing about white jeans? They allow you to feel summery and yet dress appropriately for 65-degree weather.







I am very much looking forward to the weekend - how about you? Between work, mornings at the gym, and evenings spent with my husband staying up later than we should to watch Arrested Development, I am thoroughly tired out. I can't wait for another weekend full of good meals, sleeping in, and lots of snuggling. We're headed back to AQ tonight to try out their summer tasting menu, and on Saturday I am getting a loooooooooong awaited haircut. Nothing drastic, but I can't wait to have my dead, split ends GONE! But enough about my thrilling weekend...what are you guys up to? I hope it's something fun!

Have a great Friday.

Dress Well: Building Blocks

J. Crew sweater, Paige jeans (similar), J. Crew flats, J. Crew necklace, J. Crew bangle, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Coach sunglasses

Tuesday was one of those days where I just couldn't get an outfit to work. I tried on about 10 different things (despite the fact that I did NOT have 10 extra minutes) and felt unhappy and uncomfortable in everything. I don't pretend to be a creative or artistic person - I'm not. Rather, I'm a person who likes looking good, recognizes the power of looking good, and attempts to distill "looking good" into a formula. That formula often makes me push the limits of what comes naturally to me when it comes to clothes, but sometimes that formula is just that: a formula. When in doubt, I go with solid-color tops, big necklaces, my favorite jeans, and tan flats (most of it sourced through J. Crew, obviously). It's not exciting, it's not revolutionary, but it works. And it's comfortable. If I didn't have this blog to push me outside my comfort zone every once in awhile, you would catch me in an outfit almost identical to this one every single day.








The fact that it's already Thursday is kind of blowing my mind. Time flies when you have plenty to do at work, I suppose (and plenty of podcasts to listen to on your commute. And plenty of TV shows to watch at home at night with your husband). Here's hoping that the rest of the days we have left before leaving for Florida fly by just as quickly as these past couple have! And then let's hope that once we get to Florida, time grinds to a halt. It works like that, right?