Dress Well: My Oscar Party Outfit

J. Crew shirt (similar), J. Crew cardigan (old), Paige jeans (similar), Rocket Dog boots, Michael Kors watch (similar), J. Crew bracelet, Tory Burch bag (similar), Tory Burch sunglasses (similar)

We had initially planned to watch the Oscars at a friend's apartment, but due to some technical difficulties with my friend's TV, we shifted the party location to our apartment at the last minute. I had no problem with that - knowing that everyone was going to be in my home just solidified my decision to bust out a comfortable, laid-back outfit in which to enjoy the three and a half hour Oscar telecast. My husband and I hopped up to our roof right before our friends came over to document this outfit - could the light have been any prettier? I don't think so.











DSC_2843Did you guys watch the Oscars? I have to admit, I LOVE the Academy Awards. The dresses are beautiful, but my favorite part is the actual handing out of awards. There is something so uplifting about appreciating the combined beauty of art and effort, and I truly enjoy watching people who have labored in love for so long get appreciated for that work. Now that the Oscars are over, what I'm excited for is next year's batch of fantastic movies!

Have a wonderful Monday.

Dress Well: Harrow to the Heart

Madewell sweater, Paige jeans, Rag & Bone booties, Michael Kors watch (similar), J. Crew bracelet, Old necklace (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag, Tory Burch sunglasses (similar)

For me, this outfit = love. For starters, my husband got me this sweet sweater for Christmas. Yes, he chose it from a short and carefully-selected list of potential Christmas gifts that I gave to him, but the fact that he chose the item with hearts all over it is sweet all the same. And these boots. Oh, these Harrow booties. I kept two tabs open on my computer for the entire fall season: one tab with these boots in a Nordstrom shopping bag, ready to check out, and a second tab with my bank account pulled up, in order to convince myself that I couldn't afford the boots. I never made a decision on whether to buy them or not, and then my mom came along, gave them to me for Christmas, and made all my boot-owning dreams come true. Have I mentioned before that I'm a ridiculously lucky girl?


Something that never occurred to me before I started reading blogs: wearing a bracelet with your watch. It's genius! My love for my watch is timeless (too much?), but I love it even more when I can fancy it up with some sweet bracelets.









DSC_9839I've come to find that writing this blog has the very wonderful side effect of making me take time every day to appreciate how marvelous my life is. These pictures remind me to be thankful for all that I have many times over. My mother and my mother-in-law both gave me such beautiful presents over Christmas, and every time I wear them I think about them and how much I miss my families. And every breathtaking view of San Francisco reminds me to give thanks for my fantastic husband who pulled me out of my comfort zone (also known as Houston) and into this wonderful life. So, I hope you take a little time this Thursday to be thankful for what you have and the life you live. We all have it pretty good!

Dress Well: Holiday Peplum

Zara dress, J. Crew belt, Sam Edelman booties, Old necklace (similar), Tory Burch sunglasses

I know we're well past the holidays at this point, but I'm going to have to ask you to bear with me for one more set of pictures with a Christmas bonanza in the background (also known as my parents' house). I brought this outfit to Houston with one specific event in mind: my family's yearly pre-Christmas dinner at Pappa's Steakhouse. Since the outing is always a feeding frenzy, I needed an outfit that was both holiday appropriate and stretchy. This outfit turned out to be perfect (minus the belt - never wear a belt to a steakhouse).






Also, if I am ever out taking pictures for the blog and you walk by the photo session, this is what my face will look like. "Noooooooooo someone's coming down the street - I feel awkwarddddddd" - direct quote from me right before this picture was taken.  DSC_8910Happy Thursday, everyone!