Eat Well: Turkey Chili

When I first came upon Leah's chili recipe, I was skeptical - turkey and quinoa in chili? Being a homegrown Texan, it just seemed wrong. However, I decided to give the recipe a go when I had Veterans' Day off because this chili is made in a slow cooker, allowing me to have a hot meal ready when my husband got home from work without having to do much, well, work. I can't believe how well it turned out - you can hardly tell that it's made with turkey and the quinoa makes the whole thing so thick and hearty. My husband said this is the best chili we've made yet, which is saying something - we make it at least once a month and it's his favorite food!

I know, you want to go make this right away. I understand.

The roads were clearer than normal and my bus was emptier than normal tonight, making me think that people are already headed out for the holidays! (Lucky ducks.) Where will you be going on Thursday?