Dress Well: Shimmer and Shine

J. Crew shirt, Paige jeans (old), Rebecca Minkoff sandals, J. Crew necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Love the structure, love the subtle shine in the sleeves. I think that covers my outfit - aren't there more interesting things to talk about?

Oh yeah - how about the fact that it's Friday? In all honesty, it's been a pretty good week, but it doesn't mean I won't celebrate the weekend. I'm looking forward to time with friends and watching the Oscars - what will you be up to?





Have a great Friday.

Dress Well: Tweed Sleeves

J. Crew shirt, Current/Elliot jeans, Madewell booties, Madewell necklace. ?? Bracelet (gift from my sister-in-law!), All Saints leather jacket

Remember when I wished for this top back when I was making my birthday list? Well, over Christmas, Santa (ahem...my mom) checked it off my list! Tops that draw attention to the shoulders tend to look strange on me (because my shoulders are relatively wide), but something about the geometry of how the sleeves are cut on this top just works.







I feel like I should have something interesting to share from my life here...but I don't. My days have pretty much solely consisted of work, work, working and then coming home and immediately falling asleep. I'm still struggling to get off of Virgin Islands time and back onto San Francisco time. Which is a bummer, because my narcolepsy is making it very difficult for me to make any headway on the most recent episodes of Downton Abbey. First world problems? Definitely.