Live Well: British Virgin Islands


I really want to kick this post off by saying that I'm glad to be back, but if you peruse the pictures included below, you'll know that's at least a partial lie. We landed back in the States late Sunday night and honestly, I'm still in vacation withdrawal. It would be impossible to explain how perfect our trip to the Virgin Islands was - every minute that we were on the boat was pure joy. From stunning scenery to delectable food to plenty of hours spent swimming, hiking, and laughing with my family, I loved every minute of our getaway. We're planning on heading back there during the summer of 2015 - the countdown starts now.DSC_4739

The tiny plane we flew to and from Tortola - truly an adventure in itself.






Living the good life.


NOT the boat we spent the week on. This is Steve Jobs's yacht. Pretty impressive, right?


DSC_5414My wonderful family.

I'll be easing back into blog posts this week, trying to grab photos whenever my husband and I have the time! In the meantime, I'll try to pull out of my post-vacation sulk...

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

Dress Well: Blue Waves, Blue Linen

Anthropologie dress (old)

Day three in Florida and the sun decided to show its beautiful face again! I just might make it out of here with a tan after all. Here's hoping I can successfully even out my sweet yoga crops tanline by the end of the week.

Last night we went down to a local restaurant and bar for a low-key dinner. I've had this blue linen dress from Anthropologie for four years now, and it never, ever fails me in a casual, summery situation.

Besides rediscovering my old sundresses (tired of that yet?) I've also been rediscovering a second love - my love of braids. I've decided that they are the most practical beach hairstyle out there - they're practically indestructible if executed correctly, so they do a great job of keeping me from looking like that girl from The Ring every time I decide to go for a swim in the ocean. At night, they're the perfect hairstyle to keep the Florida humidity from turning your usually smooth and sleek hair into a frizzy, wispy, standing-on-end disaster. Braids, my friends - they're there for you!












Enjoy your Wednesday - who doesn't love the day before a mid-week holiday?

Dress Well: Bands of Blue (Florida, Day 2)

J. Crew dress (old)

It doesn't really get easier than this. I've missed wearing my sundresses since I left Texas...glad I'm getting the chance to pull some old ones out this week!

Guys, it rained ALLLL day yesterday. ALL day. But it was fine! We slept in, lazed around, did a 1,000 piece puzzle, ate lots of cheese, and watched Friday Night Lights. Pretty solid day in my opinion. However, I wouldn't be too upset if the sun decides to show its face again today!





DSC_4541Happy Tuesday, y'all.