Live Well: Watching, Reading, Listening

I'm excited to introduce my first ever Watching Reading, Listening post. Many bloggers frequently feature collages of clothes and other items that they're currently coveting, but that kind of post just isn't me (and you would all get very bored at list after list of 100% J. Crew items). However, talking about the TV shows and movies I'm currently watching, the books and blogs I'm reading, and the music and podcasts I'm listening to sounds like something I could talk about all day, every day (but I won't, I promise). So, I plan to pop one of these posts in every few weeks to both share what I'm enjoying and hopefully get some recommendations from you guys on other great media as well.

So, right now I'm...

Nashville, Rice History Corner, Pop Culture Happy Hour

Okay, nerd session over (for now!). If you guys have any great things that you're watching, reading, or listening to, please leave me a note so I know to check them out. Have a great day!