Be Well: Deadlifts

In honor of Halloween, I've decided to feature deadlifts (get it? GET IT?) as my weekly workout. They're great for your hamstrings and glutes, two areas of my body where I could always use a bit more toning.

#1 most important thing about deadlifts: your back should be flat THE WHOLE TIME. Sourcing your power from your legs and not your back will give your legs a great workout while protecting your back. Whenever I can I do deadlifts at a 90-degree angle from a mirror - that way you can look over your shoulder and monitor the position of your back.

Start with a heavy barbell on the floor in front of you. I used a 30 lb. bar for this demonstration, but I try to do 40 lbs. whenever a barbell that size is available. I should really push myself to do even more. Choose the heaviest weight you can lift without rounding your back while picking it up.

Stand up slowly, keeping your back flat and lifting from your legs.

Now slowly lower the bar back down to the ground, controlling your pace with your legs and not your back.

With each rep you should set the bar back down on the floor and then pick it right back up to complete a second, third, fourth, etc. rep. You want to set the bar all the way down on the floor so it forces you to expend the energy to pick it up each time.

Do three sets of ten reps each and you should feel it in your hamstrings the next day!

I hope anyone from the East coast who happens to stumble on this blog is staying safe, dry, and entertained. I know firsthand from growing up in hurricane country that things can get mighty boring once your power has been off for hours or even days. Here's hoping you've got a stack of good books to keep you company!