Dress Well: Bathing Suit Dilemma

1. Mara Hoffman for Anthropologie, 2. Old Navy, 3. Target (won't let me link to the item for some reason top on this page, bottom on this one), 4. Lauren Moffat

This weekend I have one critical mission: buy a new bathing suit. With our trip to Florida only eight days away (!!!!) I need new swimwear in my life, stat. The only problem is I have NO idea what to get.

What I do know is that I'm really into the whole v-shape bikini top trend that's going on right now. What I don't know is how much I'm willing to spend. Here in San Francisco, bathing suit weather rolls around exactly never, so the only use my bathing suit will get is next week in Florida and six months from now when my family makes a return trip to the Virgin Islands. Is twelve or so total days of swimming in six months worth over $200, which is how much I could pay for the Mara Hoffman or Lauren Moffatt suits? They're pretty, but that's a lot of money...

The practical thing to do here is to buy either my Old Navy or my Target option. They're both on trend, and the Old Navy and Target swimsuits I've had in the past have been so durable that they're practically indestructible - and that's saying a lot about a ~$40 suit! Here's hoping that I manage to go to Target or Old Navy first, before I'm swayed by the siren song of Anthropologie...


P.S. - In case you weren't aware, the Lauren Moffat one-piece swimsuits currently available at Madewell are disgustingly adorable. Happy weekend!